Ad Mediation Platform: Unlock the Top 5 Incredible Benefits

Ad mediation, one of the most effective ways to monetize your app and grow your business, enables you to get more revenue from ads by working with multiple ad networks simultaneously. But, how does it work?

An ad mediation platform serves as a mediator between the publisher (app developer) and the ad networks. When it receives ad requests from your app, it forwards these requests to multiple ad networks. This sparks competition for the ad slot with the highest bidder winning. The fascinating part? This entire process is automated and takes place in milliseconds.

Why is Ad Mediation Important for App Developers?

1. Manage Multiple Ad Networks in One Place

Ad Mediation

Most publishers juggle multiple ad networks. If you’re among them, you’d know managing 10, 15, or more individual ad networks manually can be a nightmare. It’s virtually impossible to track each one’s performance effectively, leading to time, effort, and potential revenue losses.

This issue is resolved by permitting access to and management of all your ad networks on a single, centralized platform. These platforms offer insights into crucial metrics and detailed reports, simplifying the process of app monetization and saving valuable time.

2. Only One SDK Necessary

SDK - Ad Mediation

Working with multiple ad networks without an ad mediation platform necessitates integrating Software Development Kits (SDKs) for each individual network and managing their updates, a task that can be quite cumbersome. However, partnering with a mobile ad mediation platform requires just one SDK. Plus, integration is typically fast and straightforward, a significant advantage for app developers.

3. Higher eCPM Rate

eCPM Rate

One of the standout benefits of ad mediation is higher Effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM) rates. By connecting you with multiple ad networks, ad mediation sparks competition for your impressions, driving up the rates.

Without ad mediation, you lack competition between ad networks. Working with just one ad network leaves you with no other option than to sell your ad inventory at the offered price, which may not always be the best deal.

4. Better Fill Rate

Fill Rate

Fill rate, a metric indicating the percentage of answered ad requests, is vital for app developers. The goal is to maximize the fill rate, but this is challenging with access to only a handful of ad networks.

With ad mediation, your fill rate improves significantly. Depending on the ad mediation platform, you gain access to 10, 20, or even more ad networks. If one ad network can’t fulfill the ad request, mediation moves on to the next network until the ad slot is filled. This ensures the fill rate increases and your inventory gets sold.

5. Maximum Ad Revenue

Ad Revenue

As eCPM rates increase and fill rate improves, you’re able to maximize your earnings. Undeniably, the biggest benefit of ad mediation is the greater ad revenue it brings to app developers. Imagine having a substantial monthly income generated from your app – that’s when all your hard work pays off.

To learn more about the technical aspects mentioned in this article, such as SDKs and eCPM, check out our resources on Understanding SDKs and Understanding eCPM respectively.

In conclusion, the benefits of using an ad mediation platform are numerous and can significantly enhance your app’s monetization strategy. Here are some of the top ad mediation platforms that you might consider:

  1. AdMob by Google: Known for its robustness and reach, AdMob provides an end-to-end platform and helps to maximize revenue through a single, simple SDK.
  2. AppLovin: Provides a platform for developers that combines analytics, ad serving, and ad network optimization to maximize your revenue.
  3. Unity Ads: Unity is particularly popular within the gaming industry. It offers high-quality ads and is integrated into the Unity engine itself.
  4. Fyber: It provides a flexible solution that allows you to maintain a balanced portfolio of multiple ad networks.
  5. ironSource: This platform is known for its innovative ad units and offers powerful, integrated in-house video advertising.

Always remember, the choice of an ad mediation platform depends on your specific needs, including your target audience, type of app, and monetization goals. Consider these aspects when choosing the ad mediation platform that best aligns with your app’s needs and business objectives. Unlock these incredible benefits and elevate your app to new heights of success.


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